Saturday, August 8, 2009

Lessons in the Kitchen

As I sit here blogging, all i hear from the kitchen is groans, slamming of cupboards and mumbling under brad's breath. Another recipe that didn't turn out!!! Brad tried to make a pulled pork dinner. It didn't work out. Was it the meat? Was it the type of cooking proceedure or ingredients? Who knows? This is not the first time thought. Brad has tryed twice to cook a whole chicken on the BBQ and it didn't turn out they way we wanted it too and tryed to make ribs which ended up being so spicy that we had to scrape off the seasoning to get to the meat..
But Brad's cooking adventures aren' the only failures. Since we have moved in I have burnt muffins, messed up the 2nd half of making Jam, Beef stew didn't cook properly and had a pot roast not fit in the crock pot. Now for me I think this cooking thing should come naturally. As it seem it is what a stay at home mom should be good at.
But then I look at it this way... I haven't cooked in 5 years. I have new appliances that I have to get use to, and I have two young kids that take up alot of my attention when I am in the kitchen.
I have this idea in my head though of a wife in the kitchen, kids playing in the other room, husband coming home from work to this wonderful cooked meal. But in my life right now it is me throwing some meat in the oven, can of veggies on the stove and some minute rice for the side dish with Julia and Jade yelling at each other, brad coming home to the pot of rice boiling over, tripping over toys and me yelling at the girls yelling...Yup that is reality.

SO what can i take from this little adventure in the kitchen? Well I think it is going to take some time to find my style of cooking. The 5 cource meal is a few years away, and as long as my family is feed my something half decent, then, all it good!

Bon Appite!