Saturday, April 3, 2010

Trying to Refocus

I really don't know why this is blog is called Trying to Refocus b/c if I look back on the last few weeks of my weight loss it has been a good few weeks with a 1.5, 3, and 2.5lb loss. That is making my total 21.5lbs! I am so excited.I don't know why when you hit 20lbs it feels like you have finally sucessed when each pound is a sucess! I have 5.5lbs till I reach my 10%.
But lately I have not been tracking what I have been eating, not drinking my water and just really not caring...but how did I have such a great weight loss, I don't know but it has made me realize that i kind of got off kind of easy at the scales. The scales have been working in my favor...but I thought to my self, you neve know when it is going to sneak up on you and on a week you really tried to stick to it I have gained. I don't want that to happen so...this week I am back to refocusing
A new week started yesterday...started the morning off great, but then we got a call from Brad's family and was told the flu was going around and the easter dinner was cancelled...that is fine but what was I going to do with the Oreo cheesecake in the fridge. It called my name...Anita served it when we were visiting and it was so good I could not wait to make it again. So after doing some yard work I sat down with a coffe and had a peice...oh it was so the end of the day I had had another piece with Julia, for dinner we had steak and I also had a mini snack sandwich at Mc Donalds...Well there goes that day...
Well waking up this Saturday, getting ready for Niagara Falls I am starting fresh...looking forward to all the walking and some time with the family, I am going to try to stick to it or at least pick healthier meals and walk lots. One day at a time and one pound at a time...