Sunday, March 21, 2010

Back to Routine...or so I thought

Well, I lucked out last week with dropping .5lbs. I can't say how it happened but I am taking it!
So here i thought it would be back to tracking, routine, and my normal eating girls in school but my body and my families bodies had another idea.
Friday night we went to bed.I wasn't feeling to well, but I chalked it up to being tired and I just rolled over and went to sleep. I woke up at 6am with such a sore stomach...oh no not the flu! I said to Brad that I wasn't well so he got up with the girls and I rolled over to sleep some more hoping I could sleep it off...nope I wasn't going to be able to keep anything down...just before I got sick brad came up saying Jade just got sick... it was true...the FLU was in our house.
I could remember the last time I was sick (puke sick) and it was 2 days before I had Julia... and it is not an nice feeling so I really was not looking forward to this...Knowing that Jade was sick downstairs with Brad and him being home all day kind of put my mind at ease and I knew I could be sick in bed all day and try to get better.
My "being sick" only lasted 1 l/2 hours and then I slept all day. I couldnt stop sleeping. I tryed going downstairs but it just made me more dizzy and sleepy.
I was finally able to force my self downstairs at 5pm to stay up and even have some oatmeal. It was so nice to be in bed at 8pm with Brad.
Jade was sick about 7x that day and then was good for the rest of the day. She slept well that night too with just abit of coughing.
Sunday was alot better. We went out for about 1 1/2hours just to get out of the house. Everything was good. Everyone was getting ready for bed...then it hit JULIA at 8pm and then BRAD at 12midnight... It was a long night...Julia up about 4x puking and Brad up every hour...Jade slept through it all. Julia was done at about 10pm and slept the rest of the night. Brad well as I write now, he is still in bed.
So there goes being back to routine on Monday...with both girls home, Brad in bed and me going on 4hours sleep.
Praise the Lord that Julia and Jade are back to their silly, arguing sisters and SO ready to go back to sleep. We also have been puke free for 7 hours.
And to find a bright side to all of this well I dropped 5lbs.
Well til tomorrow and here is hopping for a normal day!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Out of Routine

This week has not been the best week. I guess that can be alright b/c out of the 10 weeks on Weight Watchers this has been the hardest one yet. I am thinking b/c the girls are home for march break and that the time change has changed thier bed time routine and sleeping in habits, everything that keeps me on track has gone out the window.
Anyone that knows me knows that I love my routine and love to be organized. I didn't really notice how much my eating habits depended on it too. Everything runs so much smoother if it is in my day planner or written down somewhere.
I haven't tracked anything I have eaten. I have tried to keep track of it intay my head but by 4 o'clock, I loose track and throw it out the window and kind of start munching.
I love to keep busy. Walking around stores, visiting, surfing around the internet, and even just sitting and enjoying a nice cup of coffee. With being busy I stay out of the kitchen and I stay on track. But with the kids home we are in and out of the kitchen with snacks, baking, cleaning up after the kids and sometimes I seem to be in the kitchen all day which makes me snack.
But if I try to find something good out of the last few days is that this life style change has been a good one and something I love and love to stick with. Sometimes I find myself checking the nutritional value and watching my portion size b.c I WANT to know not just b/c I have too. I also find with dining out with the kid durning the march break I have been choicing better food for me and I put alot more thought into what I put into my mouth.
I kind of have enjoyed being "off" the diet for a few days but I am really looking back to my routine, even if it is predictable.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Quick Update

Weighed in last my surprised I was down 1.5lbs. I was so excited! What a great feeling. I was able to enjoy my Friday and Saturday away.
Looking forward to being back on track on Sunday.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Today is the day that we weigh in...a day that I look forward to and see the outcomeof the week, but then there is that part of me that doesn't want to go -thinking back at some of the things I ate and maybe shouldn't of. I think, it will e alright if I gain b/c Friday is a start to a whole new week, new flex points, a clean slate and excited to try harder.
It is pretty funny how I can find excuses on why I didn't lose..."It was my time of the month", "I was kind of stressed and I eat when I am stresses". " I was busy", or even " I just didn't care this week".
But this week wasn't like that. It was a change for me but I was thinking more positive and was actually proud of myself and wasn't putting myself down... This past Monday my sister and I took my Mom out for her birthday for breakfast at the Sunset Grill. I looked online for nutritional value on the food to prepare and figure out what I could have. They didn't have any values but I did find a "light Breakfast" menu. As much as I wanted the french toast with Whip Cream or the Greek Omelette with homefries, I chose the one egg, 2 slices of toast and a bowl of fruit. Now on paper it all looked great and I was ready to go...but when I get to a restaurant, reasoning goes out the window and I give in. But for some reason I stood by my choice and ordered what I planned on. It was so good and satisfying. I walked out of the restaurant feeling full and satisfied. I was so proud of myself.
I did the same thing yesterday when I was out with Jade for lunch...It would of been nice to have a chicken burger but I ordered the yogurt parfiat and loved it. Now I was a bit hungery when I got home but I enjoyed a big bowl of chili and enjoyed having cheese with it b/c I didn't blow it at lunch.
Now I can chalk it up to it was just a good week or I could really say and believe that I am getting a bit more willpower and my eyes are shrinking as my stomach shrinks.
I think when I weigh in tonight that even if I don't loose I can still pat myself on the back and stay I had a great week. I learned something. I HAVE THE POWER TO SUCESSED AT THIS! ONE POUND AT A TIME AND ONE STEP AT A TIME.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Beginning Again

January 14th began a new that I have been on many times before...losing weight. It is something I have struggled with all my has bothed me but sometimes more than others. It really doesn't help having very skinny siblings and parents. Who knows why I was designed like this but I have learned over years to love who I am. I did not want to change for anyone. When I met Brad, he loved me just the way I was. Loved every bit of me.
When I decided to join weight watchers again I was doing this for myself, not for anyone else. Brad has joined me on this journey and we were going to do this for ourselves. We wanted to set a realistic goal so we joined for 20 weeks so it would not be to over whelming.
I gave myself a goal to acheive at the end of the week with 40lbs lost. It works out to be 2lbs a week.
I won't write my starting weight but I will keep you up date on what I have lost

Week 1 lost 2lbs
Week 2 lost 3lbs
Week 3 lost 2lbs
Week 4 lost .5lbs
Week 5 lost 3lbs
Week 6 lost 1.5lbs
Week 7 lost 2lbs

S0 as of today, I have lost 14lbs. I have lost 5% of my weight and am so happy.

Every week is different for the one before, some with more challenges than others. Sometimes I don't have to eat out and am able to stick to my points and have a great week and then there are other weeks where I use every point I have.

As for this week, it have been pretty good. It has been "that time of month" which doesn't help at all, but over all I think it has been pretty managable.

Thursday evening are the weight ins and having a friend with me makes it a lot more enjoyable.

Well, it is time for my evening snack I look forward to all day...Popcorn and Fresca with no kids interupting me or begging me for some.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Enjoy Life Pt. 1

It has been long since my last blog. Life has just been so busy and filled with so much love, laughter, family moments and so much more. What has happend in the 6 months well, let's start with Brad and his business and then we will get to the girls.

Brad and Chris (brother in law/partner) have been working hard to get these two new clinics up and running which means alot of hours spent at the office and on the computer. When these clinics launch Brad and Chris are on call 24/7 fixing anything that is not up to par for these clinics.
Even though theses are busy weeks, when they are all up and running smoothly life goes on and we enjoy the benifits of all there hard work. Able to pay off some debt, help our family out, fix up things around the house and even take a weekend trip or two. God truely has blessed Brad and Chris' business. But while these clinics were being launched, Chris sold the building where the office is. This is a answer to prayers for Wendy and Chris...this gives them a chance to pay off the debt to the building and even start looking for a place of there own. In the selling of the building this means we have 6 months to find a new office space. So with the hunt for a new office space means more changes for us.
The location for the office will depend on the location Wendy and Chris find a house. They are looking north-Thornton, Cookstown, Essa, where ever they go, the office will be close. The office needs to be close to the highway for easy commutes for Chris but not too far from the house too.
With the business moving north and Wendy and Chris heading north who knows where God will lead our family...We love to be close to Wendy and Chris and close to work, it just makes it easier for Brad...will moving north be somewhere in the future? Who Knows?