Monday, September 12, 2011

The days of a Stay at home Mom...minus the kids!

It has been a week with both of my girls in school full time...I have been looking forward to these days for over a year. So excited for Jade (my youngest) to be in school and for me to have time for myself. But over the last few days I have been pretty lonely and my whole house, doing all the laundry etc...
A few little phrases have popped in my head and have made me laugh which has kept me going...

"Can't do all the laundry...have to save some for tomorrow!"

" With all this time I have I might have to take up ironing"

"Kids have been in school for 4 days and I have visited Starbucks 3 times...I think this is becoming a habit."

"It is only 9am and I have cleaned out the toaster, wiped out the microwave and even cleaned all the cupboards...I must be bored!"

" In 1 hour I cleaned all three bathrooms, including the toilets, baseboards and the floors...and I hate I look forward to doing it so I have something to do"

I am loving my schedule and how clean the house is staying...but I do still miss my girls.

Well till next time...


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