Friday, August 27, 2010

Bringing it all back!

Yup it is that time again...headed back to Weight Watchers last night with my buddy. We made an agreement to take the summer off and then August 26th we would join up again. We really didn't want to go, we knew we had to but still to walk in the door knowing you are up from the summer it is just not a comforting feeling. BUT with my buddy by my side we walked in the doors.
We were welcomed back with smiles and encouragment and a comment that will keep me going..."IT'S A NEW START!" Yes it is! Yes, I did put on 10lbs over the summer but that is alright, I really thought it would be more. So here it goes.
I woke up this morning... pulled out my 4cup water jug and 3cup water cup from tupperware. Filled them up and set them up on the counter. Pulled out my WW book and tracker and placed it on the counter top with a pencil to record what I eat and last but not least i pulled out my food scale to make sure I can measure my food...if it is out in plain sight I will measure and weigh my food more and keep on track.
I can do this, I will do this!

BONUS...I cut the grass this morning....which equals 4 extra points to use!!!

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