Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Organizing with a Friend

This week is just filled with schedules and organizing. This morning I woke up not wanting to stay home so I thought I would head into the church and start getting things ready for September's Awana Club and Sunday School. I thought I would call my dear friend who I think loves organizing as much as me and see if she would come and help. Her girls would play with mine and we could get some things done.
We all arrived at around 9am, we chatted for a while with Heather and then headed downstairs to tackle the office. It wasn't too bad but alot of things were out of place and things just needed to put back. Charlene just knew what to do and so did I...what a purger she is...if we don't use it, then we don't keep it...that was our motto...and boy did things gets done fast...oh you should of seen the organizing and the rubbermaids with all there lables on them...oh it was so exciting and fun.
By 11:00am we were done the office...now to tackle the classrooms. We set up a table and just gutted the classrooms...took everything out and just started to organize. We broke for lunch and enjoyed some yummy pizza. But we couldn't sit long b/c we were such on a roll and we wanted to get it done...After all the cleaning and sorting we came out with 4 class rooms with their own containers for glue, scissors, markers, crayons, pens, pencils and even a teachers supply container...they were all lined up and ready to be stock up into the classroom.
As we closed up the classrooms at 2pm, they all had the tables, chairs, clocks, and all thier supplies...how satisfying it was to have everything ready for September.

Thanks Charlene! Love Ya

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